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Powerful Enhanced-PL/SQL compiler suite for SQLite and Oracle® Berkeley DB

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Key Features
  • Automatic Variable Substitution (auto binding)
  • Stored Procedures/Functions - Easily callable from SQLite command-line, SQL, PL, and Java, Python, C/C++ code
  • Exception Handling
  • Overload functions by type and number of parameters
  • Parameters: Positional, Named or mixed.
  • Packages, Package-Body, Anonymous-block support
  • Triggers with procedural code
  • Cursors - For-loop Implicit cursors, Explicit cursors with arguments
  • REF Cursors - strong and weak, stored procedures with REF cursor parameters
  • Cursor Attributes: %IsOpen, %Found, %NotFound, %RowCount
  • Cursor Operations: Open,Open-For, Fetch, Close
  • Iterative statements - For/While/Loop
  • Conditional statements - If-Elsif-Else-Endif
  • Nested blocks
  • Scalar Datatypes: Integer, Real, Varchar,Date, Timestamp, BLOB
  • Complex Datatypes: Record, %TYPE, %ROWTYPE
  • Collection Datatypes: VARRAY, Index-By Tables (Associative arrays) and Nested-Tables
  • Bulk Operations and %BULK_ROWCOUNT
  • SQL: Insert/Update/Delete/ Select Into scalar, record or collection variables
  • Transactions: Commit, Rollback, Rollback-To-Savepoint
  • Built-in packages: Standard, DBMS_RANDOM, DBMS_DATETIME, DBMS_UTILITY
  • Platforms: Windows and Linux.

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