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StepSqlite Benefits

  1. Powerful PL/SQL language
  2. Avoid forking the codebase
  3. Multi-target Portability
  4. Ease of Cloud paradigm
  5. State-of-the-art code optimization
  6. Zero-runtime overhead

Powerful PL/SQL language

PL/SQL is a portable, high-performance transaction processing language that offers the following advantages:

StepSqlite Pl/SQL compiler suite brings these advantages of Pl/SQL from the big-database world and makes possible for small-database world applications like embedded device apps and mobile apps to utilize this power.

Avoid forking the codebase

Its no secret that the world is going increasingly mobile. In the mobile world, there are a plethora of architectures, OS, languages and APIs (platforms) and the mobile applications have to be written to run on all of these. Also many mobile applications 'clients' do have an enterprise 'server' side application which it communicates with. This usually implies having to fork the application codebase for each such platform and forever synchronize all feature development and bug fixes across all such platforms - a huge task indeed.

StepSqlite helps ease this huge task for you by removing the need to manually synchronize the code in one very significant part of all mobile apps- database interface. Using StepSqlite, you can write the database interface code in powerful and portable Pl/SQL language and use it anywhere starting from a range of platforms in the 'client' side mobile apps to even 'server' side Oracle®. (Disclaimer: Oracle is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation and/or its affiliates. Metatranz is Not associated with, endorsed by, or sponsored by the Oracle Corp. )

Multi-target Portability

As mentioned above, mobile world has a host of architectures, OS, APIs and each comes with its own quirks. How do you - the application developer - overcome this huge challenge and write your apps to run on all of these? StepSqlite helps you do that by providing a simple web-based multi-target compiler suite that lets you choose the platform and architecture with a few simple clicks. Have an app for Windows mobile and want to expand your app to iPhone users? Just recompile your database interface on StepSqlite web-interface by selecting 'Target' as iPhone and start using the StepSqlite generated library in your iPhone app right away! Its that simple.

Ease of Cloud paradigm

We are building StepSqlite around the cloud computing paradigm. The tools in the StepSqlite suite are accessible from anywhere on the web without requiring installation of bulky software. This spares you - the user - from spending time on maintenance and version management of our software and lets you focus on writing your software. Whenever we introduce a new feature in StepSqlite suite, you will see a link on the login page alerting you about it and the feature will be immediately available to you for use - no need to spend time doing software upgrades.

That said, there are some downsides to the cloud paradigm that you need to be aware of:

Please see our Terms of Service for details.

State-of-the-art code optimization

StepSqlite compiler suite is built on top of LLVM and GNU GCC compilers. It does several optimizations so that your database interface code is ready for deployment on the ever resource-constrained mobile devices.

Zero-runtime overhead

Unlike big databases, small databases like Sqlite cannot afford to have a large runtime built-in to support the compilation and execution of procedural code. StepSqlite resolves this constraint in an innovative way by decoupling the stored procedure compilation and execution from the database itself. StepSqlite lets you write sophisticated stored procedures which become part of your apps like any other library your app uses and in turn preserves the Small, Fast and Reliable slogan of Sqlite - a win-win proposition for all.